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Reflection for the 33rd Week in Ordinary Time

The servant didn’t realize that he was burying himself along with his master’s money.  Nor could he imagine that the hole he dug became a grave not only for the talent, but also for his own poten­tial.  He decided to  “play safe” rather than invest, and the result was  “no gain.”


The spiritual life is about increase.  God asks us to “increase and multiply” every blessing.  But this only happens when we recognize our gifts and are willing to develop them.  Paradoxically, the more we invest, the more gifts surface. We may have only one talent at our disposal, but the way we work with this talent can yield many more skills which had previously gone unnoticed. This holds true not only of tangible gifts such as musical abilities,  but also of invisible gifts such as being a loving presence to others, learning to listen, learn­ing to pray.  As a result, our life’s purpose begins to unfold and we begin to understand all that God desires for us.


Lord, help us to be open to the possibilities that life has to offer.

A Prayer for Fulfillment

God grant me

the serenity

to accept

the things I cannot change,


to change the things

I can

and wisdom

to know the difference.

Living one day at a time,

enjoying one moment

at a time;

accepting hardship

as a pathway

to peace.


as Jesus did,

this sinful world

as it is —

not as I would have it.


that You will make

all things right

if I surrender

to Your will;

so that I may be

reasonably happy

in this life

and supremely happy

with You forever

in the next.



Reflection for the 29th Week in Ordinary Time


Let’s talk about coins.  Have you every held a coin that was so dirty that you could hardly tell what it was? … or so dirty that you were afraid to touch it?  The coin is still worth its value…it’s just that you can hardly tell the image.   A little salt and vinegar will make a dirthy coin as good as new.


What can you do when the image of God — engraved on your immortal soul — is it covered over?  What will make it shine as good as new?  God’s love and the sacrament of Reconciliation.   God knows who we are, and he loves us.  And we need to do our part so that we can show more clearly who we really are.


A coin — no matter how small in value — plays an important role in our economy.  We are all created in God’s image and likeness, and we too are meant to do more than just glow with “heavenly goodness”.  Never sell yourself short.  In the day-to-day role of ideas, relationships, and feelings, you have a vital role to play.  You can give a living witness to the joy and promise of a life lived with Jesus.


Render to Jesus the life that he has shared with you.   And lead all those around you to a new experience of God’s kingdom.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

I thank You, God,

for loving me
In spite of the wrongs I do.

You always have been there for me
When I have called on You.


I count my blessings

one by one.

And see Your kindness there,
Though oftentimes I fail

to thank You

in the midst of the rush of daily care.


Help me, dear God,

to measure up

to Whatever is life’s test,

To always strive to do what’s right
And to give You my best.


Within my heart

it’s my desire

To walk with You each day,
To know Your dear companionship

Each step along the way.


For bleak and dark

would be my life

Without Your love and grace.

And, oh, the joy

to know someday

I’ll see You

face to face.


— Kay Hoffman


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