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Reflection for the 6th Week in Ordinary Time

Credible witnesses claimed Jesus was a healer with a difference — not a quack who worked miracles with a line of Scripture and a tablet or two.  Jesus was someone who healed with authority — even casting out demons and curing leprosy.  As a re­sult, villagers and townsfolk alike spilled out of their homes, abandoning flocks and fields, fishing nets and looms, as they went in search of Jesus.  It was as though the whole of Galilee suddenly be­came his followers — each person desperate to find the healing he or she desired.


Today there is the same preoccupation with finding healing.  Consumers are quick to locate the newest miracle drug, the most promising medi­cal breakthrough, the most reasonable alterna­tive approach.  Just as the Galileans flocked to Jesus, so we flock to clinics, hospitals, workshops, book stores, health food stores and even web sites.  Too often, the more money we spend, the less satisfying the results.  In contrast, what Jesus offers is freely given.  The basis of his healing is love — not gain.


Heal us, Lord, of all of our ills — mind and body, heart and soul.

A Prayer to Begin Lent

God, heavenly Father,
look upon me and hear my 
as I prepare to begin this holy Season of Lent.
By the 
good works you inspire,
help me to discipline my body 

so as to be renewed in spirit.

Without You I can do nothing.
By Your 
Spirit help me to know what is right
and to be eager in doing your will.
Teach me to find new 
life through penance.
Keep me from sin, and help me live
by your commandment of love.
God of love, bring me back to you.
Send Your 
Spirit to make me strong
faith and active in good works.
May my 
acts of penance bring me your forgiveness,
open my heart to your love,
and prepare me for the coming feast
of the Resurrection of Jesus.

Lord, throughout this Lenten Season,
keep me faithful to the Gospel of Jesus.

Nourish me with the body and blood of Jesus in the Eucharist.
Make me one with you in love and prayer.

Father, our source of life,
I reach out with joy to grasp your hand;
let me walk more readily in your ways.
Guide me in your gentle mercy,
for left to myself I cannot do your Will.

Father of love, source of all blessings,
help me to pass from my old 
life of sin
to the new 
life of grace.
May I live all my days in the 
glory of your Kingdom.


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Reflection for the 2nd Week in Ordinary Time

How often does God Speak to us, but we fail to recognize his voice?  He may have spoken to us in a comment by a co-worker, or in a letter from a friend, or in the circumstances of our family life, or maybe even in this reception of the Eucharist.  Have you ever wondered whether some unusual or even usual happening might have been God’s attempt to communicate with you?   Why is it that we do not recognize that the Lord is speaking to us?


Sometimes our spiritual deafness is because our prayer times have grown stagnant, or may not even exist.   If this has a familiar ring to it, then you too may have experienced what Israel was experiencing about the year 1000 BC  — the absence of the voice of the Lord.


Maybe it’s because we are too busy to hear the voice of God.  Maybe our interests and focus in life do not include God.  We find happiness and fulfillment in what we do instead of in who we are.


Because Samuel listened to God, he received revelation, at a time when visions were rare in Israel.  Ultimately, God used Samuel for some pretty lofty purposes — all because Samuel heard and listened to the voice of God.


What blessings are in store for us and those around us if we will hearken regularly to the voice of God?   “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.   Lead me in your ways and teach me to do your will.”

Prayer for the 2nd Week in Ordinary Time

O Lord my God, You called me f rom the sleep of nothingness merely because of Your tremendous love. You want to make good and beautiful beings. You have called me by name in my mother’s womb. You have given me breath and light and movement and walked with me every moment of my existence. I am amazed, Lord God of the universe, that You attend to me — and, more, cherish me Create in me the faithfulness that moves You, and I will trust You and yearn for You all my days. Amen. —Joseph Tetlow, S.J.

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